Everyone likes to feel welcome and MonacoUSA wants to ensure that new American arrivals to the principality as well as visiting VIPS feel the warm welcome of those of us already happily part of the Monaco community.


The MonacoUSA WELCOME TEAM is available to offer advice and assistance to newly arrived individuals or families, including offering information on English speaking doctors, lawyers, home services, etc. The team is also available to assist US companies planning to open businesses in Monaco who have questions about life and lifestyle in the principality and who value the perspective of established residents and business people. The WELCOME TEAM members are also available to work as hosts, assistants, escorts or provide other support for Monaco organisations whose events may involve visiting American VIPS.


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING PART OF THE McUSA WELCOME TEAM, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

MonacoUSA c/o Stars ‘n’ Bars 6 quai Antoine 1er 98000 MONACO

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